Prior to bonding, we ask that your group of rabbits (2-4 limit), have been neutered for at least 8 weeks. This gives the hormones time to settle down.

Winter is a better time to bond, as during the spring and summer hormones can be a lot higher. However, we still bond throughout the year from 3 Jan-30 June and from 1 Oct- 27 Nov. So don’t leave it, because of this, be prepared it may take a little longer in the Spring.

We house bonded to be rabbits in cages side by side. We then  swap their litter tray and their cages daily to get use to each other’s scents. Starting with small spaces to bond, we gradually increase the size as they become confident and trusting with each other.

The bonding time will firstly be short and fully watched like a hawk. So day 1 may be 3 x 5 minute sessions, day 2 may be 3x 10 minute session all depending on how much they have disputes.

Signs of success start to show, with fur plucking which is natural to determine who is the boss. When a rabbit puts their head down and allows the other to lick him or her, this shows the licker that they’re  not the leader and must groom their boss.

Our charge is £185 per week for Leeds addresses and includes their boarding, food and a return journey home. The latter is for me to double check that their permanent home and bond is still secure. Extra charges are incurred for those living outside of Leeds, (around £15 for Bradford, York postcodes) .To book,  a deposit of £25 Is required. Details of how to pay will be shown by email.