Rabbit boarding bunnies will benefit from large spacious enclosures to play in every day and a minimum of 5ft x 2ft hutches indoors and 6ft x 2ft outdoors. The added bonus of an indoor hutch is that it’s inside our home, meaning that we are nearby for the slightest problem such as a bottle slipping out of reach to more severe worries such as a rabbit falling ill.

Guinea Pigs also have the choice of both indoor and outdoor hutches ranging from 4-6ft in length.

Smaller pets such as Degus, Pygmy Hedgehogs and Gerbils can also holiday inside our family home in their own cage.

We also send free texts or emails to keep you updated on their progress while you’re away.. We provide all food, hay, veg (a.m and p.m ) and pellets for your rabbit and guineas dietary needs at no extra charge. This also includes a large foriage bowl daily with their pellets mixed in with 8 different types of foriage and top quality dust free hays.