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We are a Small Animal boarding hotel in Leeds 7. Our unique selling point is that we board a lot of the animals inside our home. When you choose to board your pets, or use any of our other services, be rest assured that we do everything with love, care and welfare in mind.

Our Services

We have a range of large spacious enclosures for rabbits and guinea-pigs.
These include a choice of both indoor and outdoor hutchs. We can also provide homes for smaller pets such as degus, gerbils and Pygmy hedgehogs.




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Customer Feedback

Our pet rabbit has been well looked after by Russ for the last 3 years. Like any top class holiday resort she never wants to come home. Thanks Russ, you’re a star.

James Earle

Brilliant service. They adore all rabbits and take brilliant care. Lovely big outdoor runs and hutches.

Esther Stocks

Russ always takes fantastic care of our rabbits. Sometimes I think they don’t want to leave.

Joanne Fishburn

Russ looked after my rabbits during our last 3 holidays and is very knowledgeable . He spends time with the rabbits and the cages and hutches are always clean.

Claire Harrison

Excellent bunny hotel

Adam Smith

Outstanding, fantastic, high quality service. Our rabbit Pablo enjoyed his time getting his claws clipped by the lovely Russ today and was a pleasure to meet him.

Zoe Middleton

Russ is fantastic he has a real passion for rabbits. Timmy & Daisy love this place and they want to come back here. Highly recommend Bunny Spoilers.

Magdalena Grzywniak.

Bunny Spoilers offers the most fantastic service for bunny owners. Russ has looked after my lop for the last few years, whenever we’re away. Knowing that Labamba was in caring, professional hands,is worth its weight in gold.

Helene Fyffe

Biscuits was definitely well treated - and spoiled in a good way with lots of love (not fattening way)! Biscuits has discovered more new toys that she likes to play with. I was able to relax whilst on holiday as I knew she will be treated well.

Sandy Wong
Bunny named Biscuits

Owners are both lovely people, and clearly passionate about animals. I found their rates really competitive too, and they even picked my bunnies up from my old house and dropped them off at my new house for a small charge. I would honestly recommend this couple, they have a real passion for animals. My rabbits stayed outdoors in 2 double 5ft hutch's, however I know they also have a lot of indoor accommodation available too.

Louise Mason
4 Bunnies

We think Emily the Guineapig was treated very well and was well fed. Thank you also for grooming/cleaning her - she looked like a new piggy.

Lou Dourado & David Wright
Guineapig name Emily

I think that our chinchillas were treated as they were your family pets. They were perfectly happy, didn’t seem at all stressed and it was nice not to have a cage to clean on our return.

Emma Lindley
Chinchillas Mischief & Trouble

Impressive service with regular updates on facebook. Its a great relief to go away and know that our pets will not only be looked after but genuinely loved. On our return we couldn’t believe how they all looked thoroughly relaxed in these wonderful baskets lazily eating hay. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated..

Karen White
3 Guineas- Harribo, Patch & Smudge

My rabbit is affectionate but hates being held for any length of time. I explained this to Russ and Faye. I think they were brilliant with her. From what Russ told me she was a different rabbit while in his care and it was obvious when I came to collect her that she didn’t want to leave.

K Atack
Bunny name Honey

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